Supply Chain / Project Management / Regenerative Sourcing Consultant


With a focus on direct procurement that supports regenerative farming, I can look at your supply chain and purchasing processes to make your partnerships stronger and more impactful. With over ten years of operations experience in food, natural beauty and CPG companies, I can help with a variety of projects that focus on making supply chains shorter, more transparent, and more resilient.

I'm open to working with startup food, beverage, natural beauty, or CPG companies, hospitals, schools, nonprofits and universities. Rates, timelines, and project sizes are flexible.

Project Management

  1. New product launch from R&D to market.
  2. Product improvements or revisions, anything from packaging to ingredients.
  3. Launching with new vendors, manufacturers or other business relationships.
  4. Managing third-party certification applications (MADESAFE, Leaping Bunny, Regenerative Organic Certification, B Corp, etc).

Supply Chain

  1. Make your supply chain more transparent and support ethical producers.
  2. Life-cycle assessment to make impactful decisions.
  3. Supply chain and operations maintenance.

Regenerative Sourcing + Procurement

  1. Finding direct-trade, regenerative farms and vendors to meet your supply needs.
  2. Handling the logistics of dealing with smaller producers.
  3. Staff training on regenerative and direct-trade purchasing.
  4. Create regenerative sourcing guidelines for your brand.


I believe...

that the time for sustainability is over. Brands need to use their buying power to support farms practicing regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture can "reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle" ( I have over 10 years of experience connecting farmers to companies looking to establish direct partnerships with regenerative farms. I also have extensive experience in directing operations and supply chains, project management, and product development.

I began...

my food journey by studying Sustainable Food Systems at UC Berkeley, in the city where the food revolution started, and have done a number of things since.

  1. Directed the sourcing for Luke’s Local, an independently owned grocery business in San Francisco that delivers food from local family farms, butchers, ranchers, and other artisanal food producers. I worked with over 75 farms and vendors in the Bay Area to bring the local and seasonal food to customers, as well as to educate on the importance of a local food economy.
  2. Moved up to Central Oregon to help build the culinary program at the Facebook Data Center in Prineville, Oregon. From the ground up, I implemented a sustainable procurement program that established partnerships with farms and vendors in the community and region, working closely with these vendors to fill the supply needs of the culinary program and serve thousands of meals a month.
  3. Directed the supply chain, operations, and product development for Picky Bars, an athletically focused real food brand, with three unique product lines: energy bars, oatmeal, and granola. In this role I oversaw raw ingredient and packaging sourcing, demand planning and inventory management, R&D, the launch of two new product lines, the onboarding of new manufacturing facilities, and navigated the company through multiple certification and food safety processes.

There's always more to learn...

My husband and I live on a 5 acre homestead in San Diego County. We are learning how to grow our own food, manage our land, and take care of our animals (10 Ancona ducks, 2 Maremma puppies, and hopefully goats and bees soon). I have a permaculture design certificate and a water harvesting certificate.

In my free time...

I love to get outdoors — ocean swimming, running, hiking, paddle boarding, and gardening. I'm an avid home cook, and enjoy foraging for ingredients and trying to perfect my sourdough bread recipe.

Brands I've Worked With